Okay, so, a couple of things.


First off, a little more than a month ago, Felicia Day, star and creator of the widely popular web series The Guild, announced that she indeed has plans for a 5th season of my second favorite online show (Red vs Blue comes first)! The upcoming season will begin this summer and hopefully answer some questions raised by last season’s cliff-hanger ending. Felicia Day tells Tubefilter, “Expect more characters, more color more…fast quips! I’m not sure, let me write the season first.”

Click here for an article and here for the last episode of the 4th season.


I don’t really feel like I’m allowed to be excited for this, seeing as how I’m not the biggest comic book nerd, and I hadn’t even heard of Captain America before news of this movie, but since it looks just plain awesome, I decided I’m going to risk the anger of any hardcore Marvel fans. The video above is the first, full-length, Captain America trailer that was released 4 days ago. And holy crap does it look good. Definitely going to be a midnight premier for me.

Captain America comes out July22, 2011.


And as an extra tidbit, I decided to share a game called Hex Empire that I’ve been addicted to for years. When I have nothing but a laptop and endless hours of traveling by stuffy car, I whip this out and sink into my own little world of, well, conquering the world! The game is a bit like Risk, but different enough that it can claim that it is its own thing.

Click here to play. My record is winning in 27 turns on the hardest difficulty. Defeat me!