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It would be more appropriate to place this into a category called “Nerdy Stuff You Can’t Buy,” but I don’t envision there being too many other posts to accompany this one.


This one guy named Jason Gayer was asked by Lucas Arts to come up with concepts for Star Wars merchandise, but not all his ideas were accepted, so he posted the creative and rather wacky rejects on his blog. And then I stumbled across it and found the rejects to be freaking awesome. Check these out:

WANT!!! I want these so bad! AHHHHRRRRGGGHHHH!!!

I would keep it as a pet dog.

Here’s another way to “blow up” the Death Star.

Stay on target…

This has got to be one of the best things ever invented!

That’s no moon… it’s my grill!

So this is how Vader built another one so fast… If the Rebels destroy the Death Star, he’ll just pop out another one!

Why freeze just Han?


Why isn’t this real?!


Even though the type of projector is outdated, I would totally still buy this.

I have one question: would they make it in adult sizes?


The Return of ‘Firefly’?

Ha! I got you there with the title, didn’t I? I bet you were all excited and thought, Golly gee whiz, new episodes of Firefly?! I could DIE from extreme fanaticism! Well, sorry to disappoint, but there will be no new episodes. There will never be new episodes. I’ve lost all hope for that ever happening. I guess there could be a remake, but without the original cast we’ve all come to love and adore, would it still have that same flare Adam Baldwin, Summer Glau and the rest brought to Mal’s lovable 03-K64 “Firefly”?


But that’s a speculation not worth getting all worked up over. Fox probably hasn’t even realized just how many people hate them for canceling the show. Anyway, although new episodes will not be released, we can all experience Serenity’s charm once again on TV through the Science Channel, as the network is re-airing the show for the whole ‘verse to see—or at least for those of us with cable.


This doesn’t really affect people like me who watch Firefly over and over again via Netflix, but it is nice to know that some networks still appreciate the ingenuity of Firefly’s fine balance between the genres of sci-fi and western. However, I am excited about the “new extras” that will accompany each episode as well as Dr. Michio Kaku’s discussion on the scientific concepts behind this short-lived series.


Although the show’s run was brief, its fan list is extensive, and the ever-growing group of enthusiasts will be sitting pretty in front of the Science Channel on March 6 for Firefly’s original two-hour pilot. Every following Sunday will reveal the next episode in the intended order. It’s nice to know that SOME PEOPLE care enough to get it right. For the article I read as well as a short and sweet interview with Nathan Fillion (Captain Malcolm Reynolds), click here.



Still upset over my being a jerk and misleading you about Firefly’s return? Then here’s something to take your mind off it: 10 fun Firefly facts!

-In Battlestar Galactica’s original pilot episode, Serenity was spotted flying among other ships in the background. Click here for a picture.

-The shape of Serenity varied in the series and the film. For example, the Firefly’s neck grew longer and the interior more roomy for the movie.

-When describing Serenity in “The Train Job,” River says, “Mid-bulk Transport. Standard Radion Accelerator core. Class code 03-K64–Firefly.” Want to know what the “K” stands for in the class code? The Japanese word for “firefly” is “kei.” It’s a pun.

-The kitchen walls in Serenity are yellow with decorative vine paintings—supposedly embellished by Kaylee.

-The uniforms worn by Alliance troops were originally worn in Starship Troopers (1997). After Firefly was discontinued, Starship Troopers rocked the uniform once again in the 2004 sequel.

-The sonic gun in “Trash” was also recycled as Dr. Horrible’s freeze ray. I guess the captain of both shows (Nathan Fillion) wasn’t the only thing they had in common.

-A toy Han Solo frozen in carbonite was hidden in at least one scene of every Firefly episode.

-The cast of Firefly would hang out on set in the ship’s lounge rather than take their breaks between scenes in the green room. Not very surprising, though—if you could crash in Serenity’s living room, wouldn’t you?

-The Enterprise from Star Trek, the Tantive IV from Star Wars and the Colonial Viper from Battlestar Galactica all had cameos in Firefly’s “Heart of Gold” episode.

-Nathan Fillion’s current show, Castle, makes many references to Firefly, including direct quotes, a passing comment that Castle learned Chinese from his last job, and even having Fillion play dress up as a ‘space cowboy,’ which is obviously a Malcolm Reynolds costume. Click here for a video.



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Video Game Crushes

Hey, it’s Valentine’s Day, so you know what that means! A whole day filled with lonely longing for a “be mine,” jealously watching that pretty blond get that stupid, cheesy-looking Valentine’s Day card from that super-hot guy, and holding your own, personal pity-party killing aliens in front of your TV (this works so much better than ice cream).


Okay, Valentine’s Day isn’t that bad. I’ve pretty much accepted by now that I just haven’t met the right guy. Today, I feel confident that I won’t get too annoyed over seeing someone obviously less attractive than me spend this special day with her gorgeous boyfriend.



Ahem, anyway, I thought Valentine’s Day might be a good day to discuss everyone’s video game crushes. I searched the Internets to find out who most gamers view as the top 10 hottest video game characters. After clicking on a page that lead me immediately to scantily clad digital women, I figured that I’d start over with the word “guy” in the search bar. Sorry guys, I’m not interested in turning this into a post with nothing but eye candy for men. You know how video game women are; even in the dead of winter, they’ll wear nothing but a bikini, no sweat (literally, hehe). Video game developers seem to think that a girl’s skin is more insulated than a polar bear with central heating.


Anyway, I visited blogs, forums, articles, and videos, even enduring a couple of those poorly made youtube AMVs, to discover the Internet’s view of the top 10 hottest video game guys.

10. Number 10 is the mysterious Auron from Final Fantasy. Actually, I have no idea if he is mysterious or not, because I’ve never played FF for more than half an hour. I just don’t like the fighting style. Also, I’m a fan of awesome video game plot lines, but when it takes up most of the time, I have a problem. I’ve seen this guy around, though, and I’ve always thought he looks cool and mysterious. I have to hand it to this series; they really know how to attract the female crowd. Anyway, if you’re a fan of Final Fantasy, you’re in luck, because there will be a lot more of it coming up.



9. Next up is the good-looking Balthier–also from Final Fantasy. If this were my list, I would place him higher out of these ten, but whatever. The people have spoken. I don’t like his shoes, though. They make him look like a 15th century jester. And what’s he doing with his hand? Is his finger broken or is he beckoning the viewer to come closer? Kind of weird… And don’t even get me started on his tight pants.


8. Now that’s hot. Looks like the Internet actually has good taste for once. This is Leon Kennedy from Resident Evil, which I also haven’t played. I like the little emo hair look he’s got going there. I dig guys with emo hair (not to be confused with actual emos; I just like the hair).



7. Coming in way too high on this list at number 7, we have Tidus from Final Fantasy (yes, again). No, he’s not gay. And… That’s all I wanted to say about him (not a big fan).




6. This is Snake from Metal Gear Solid–yet another game I haven’t played. Hmm, I should start playing some of these games if they’ve got such hot guys. Snake always reminded me of Sam Fisher from Splinter Cell, so I’ve grown to have a deep respect for the Metal Gear Solid series. That’s on my list of things to play on a rainy day.




5. Yet again, another Final Fantasy character. This one is Sephiroth, the evil villain dude who does dastardly deeds. Every girl falls for the bad boy, so it’s not that surprising that an antagonist would make the list. What I can’t understand is the reason our number 5 looks like he’s never heard of Super Cuts! I mean, I like guys with long hair, but dang! He’s like a freaking male Rapunzel!


4. This handsome young man is Squall from, you guessed it, Final Fantasy. Check out that awesome gun sword! Does it shoot blades? Or does he have to pull the trigger to swing it? I don’t know, I’m not a Final Fantasy person.




3. Now this is an attractive person. I’ve always had a crush on the characters with the white hair (except for Sephiroth; the only thing more ridiculous than the length of his hair is the length of his sword). I don’t know what it is about it, but I love that white hair. Plus, it’s an emo cut! Yay!

Anyway, the awesome white hair belongs to Dante from Devil May Cry and guess what? I haven’t played it. Now that I’ve seen this white-haired wonder, maybe I’ll pick it up.



2. Since there seems to be so many Final Fantasy fans, of course Cloud would make the list. From his golden spikes to his chiseled abs, this is one hot cartoon. One sad thing about him, though: I heard he never smiles. Aww, cheer up, Cloud! You’re good-looking, and all the girls love you!




1. I am glad that the character in first place is deserving of such a title. Now, the hero of Hyrule can happily roam the roads of Castle Town knowing that not only did he save a princess as well as the whole world, but he is also the hottest guy the video game industry has to offer. I’m sure Zelda’s pretty psyched about it, too.

In case you didn’t know, this is Link from The Legend of Zelda. And yes, I have played this one.



So there you have it: the 10 video game guys worth having a crush on, according to the Internet. Now it’s your turn to post who you think should or shouldn’t have made the list.


And in case you’re at all curious, here’s my top 5:

1. Altair from Assassin’s Creed

2. Link from The Legend of Zelda

3. Carth from Knights of the Old Republic

4. Sam Fisher from Splinter Cell

5. Pit from Super Smash Bros. (it’s the wings)


Oh yeah, there’s one more thing I wanted to add. Some Japanese guy actually married a video game character. Crushes are one thing, but that’s definitely taking it too far. For a link to the video, click here.