Hey, it’s St. Patrick’s Day! And guess what? I’m Irish! That makes this a holiday completely centered around me! I love today!


So I supposed now you’ll be expecting a bit of interesting information that incorporates both nerdy stuff and St. Patty’s Day. Sorry to disappoint, but I just don’t feel like searching for hours and hours trying to find a video game that features leprechauns or a nerdy movie that has a lot of green. The Matrix. I think that had a sort of green feel to it. Moving on.


Today is dedicated to that lovable Nickelodeon show that a recent M. Night Shyamalan movie killed, but we won’t mention that. Calling it by its proper name, The Avatar had the perfect blend of innocent humor, drama, action, and all-around fun. With a great story and happy ending, The Avatar is remembered fondly by groups of all ages.


But to many of you, this is all old news. Perhaps, then, you did not know about the new Avatar series! Well okay, the news was released in July of last year, but I only recently discovered this. The new series will be made by the same guys who made the original cartoon, not some crap director who watched it with his kids. “The Legend of Korra” will be about a new, female avatar named Korra that succeeds Aang. Yes, that means Aang is dead. But he has a son who trains the Korra, an earthbender, in the ways of airbending. There will be a whole new main cast, although there are hints that suggest we will be seeing some of the old crew.


This new series will debut some time this year, and to find out more about it, click here for a link to an article with an interview.