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Why didn’t anyone tell me about this???!!!

AHHHHH! Innards… exploding… from… excitement…


Fall Releases of Awesomeness

Okay, so, there a couple updates in the gaming world you might want to be aware of.

First up we have the official release date for the Gears of War 3 beta! Gears of War is just one of those games where you can’t help but have fun. Something about those brightly colored, bloody chainsaws that make you glad to be a 360 owner. Those with the Epic Edition of Bulletstorm will have access to the beta a week early, and everyone else can join April 25. The beta will close on May 15, but don’t be sad; the game will be released 4 months later in September!



Well it looks like I’m only a couple months late hearing about this, but for those of you who are like me, always the last one to be told, here’s the news: ELDER SCROLLS V!!! The latest addition to the Morrowind/Oblivion franchise is called Skyrim, and it looks like it’s got a sort of dragon theme to it. If you haven’t seen the trailer, click here to watch it on their website. That wasn’t a suggestion; it was an order. I don’t care if you’ve never played any of the Elder Scrolls, I haven’t either, but this trailer is so epic, it’ll make you wish it was out already. I’ve been postponing the previous games for quite some time now, because I hear they take a long time to beat, but this trailer just convinced me to pick up copies of Morrowind and Oblivion this summer so that I’ll be caught up in time for Skyrim’s release on November 11, 2011.

Don’t you just love the music in these games? Jeremy Soule is a genius. I’ve got the Morrowind Theme on my iPod, and it moves me every listen.



Well those acts are hard to follow, but I figure this is worth mentioning anyway. Here’s an addictive and fairly new strategy game called Pandemic 2. I happen to be coming down with a cold, and in the game, you can be the cold virus! I’m currently attempting to exterminate all humans with my stealthy little disease …in the game, of course. So, if you like wasting time on pointless (but addicting!) games, this is perfect for you! Click here for the link.

3-D at Its Best


Welcome to March, everybody! I know it’s a couple days late, but March is great because it puts you that much closer to spring. And what’s so great about spring? It’s not winter. Snow is for old ladies who have no need to go outside and kids who enjoy sledding more than they enjoy being not cold. I’m not one of those kids. So, happy March, and here’s to warm weather!


Anyway, I’d like to direct your attention to the video at the top if you haven’t already looked at it. It’s a really cool concept, and I hope to see it in the future of gaming. If you absolutely refuse to watch the video (which I finally figured out how to embed!), then it’s basically about a cool little computer program this guy makes that changes the perspective of what’s on the TV screen based on where your head is located. He uses the Wii tracking technology to accomplish it, allowing anyone to experience this really cool 3-D effect by downloading the program off his website.


The concept looks really, really (gotta have two for emphasis) awesome. I mean, imagine applying this technology to video games. You want to peer around a corner to shoot the bad guys, you actually move your head to change your view. But I guess the Xbox Kinect could theoretically do that, too, if it actually had good games (although Sonic Free Riders looks pretty good; I’ve always been a fan of racing games). But anyway, the most exciting this about the “head tracking” is that it gives you the most realistic looking 3-D yet, and it doesn’t even need a special TV.


So, yes, the head tracking sounds all great and wonderful, but if you do apply it to video games, there is one thing I take issue with. It’s not that only one person can see it as 3-D–no, that can be fixed with a helpful setup called “split screen.” What I’m afraid of is wanting to play a really addictive game late at night and being too tired to move anything other than my fingers. You gamers know what I’m talking about. It’s 3 a.m., you’ve consumed more Mountain Dew than you’d like to admit, and you’ve been playing the best game in the world for the past 6 hours. There is no way you’re going to have enough energy to take a deep breath after a difficult boss, much less move the upper half of your body to look around a corner. I experienced something similar when playing Twilight Princess on the Wii. So many lost hearts that could have been avoided if only the attack command had been just a simple button…

Red Ring Disease

The Red Ring Disease is a very serious illness that not a lot of people know about. In 2005, the number of victims carrying this disease spiked, surprising the world, as the illness had never before been a problem. Of those susceptible to the disease, 30 to 33% are plagued with this illness. The Red Ring Disease has claimed the lives of thousands, leaving an empty spot in the hearts and lives of families across the globe.


So what is the Red Ring Disease? Don’t worry, it is not contagious, but the illness develops very easily, showing virtually no symptoms until the system is down. Another name for the disease is The Red Ring of Death, and it can be identified by a red ring surrounding the power button on your Xbox 360. The cause of this terrible disease can vary, as do the solutions, but there are ways to reduce the risk of catching this Xbox cancer: click here.


I hope this post has been both informative and eye-opening. Many Xbox owners carry out their daily lives completely ignorant of the Red Ring Disease. For more information, click here. This is a very real illness and people need to know about it. Spread the word!

Red Ring Awareness ribbons and bumper stickers coming soon.

Exciting Excitement!

As you were probably already aware, yesterday was Valentine’s Day, and I feel pretty proud of myself for lasting as long as I did before dying inside. It was about 9:30 am when I saw some blond walk by with a good-looking guy, and she was acting like an idiotic, narcissistic toddler on helium, just to get his attention. It was then that I decided I had already had enough of this nauseating holiday, that is, until the candy started coming my way. Then I remembered why the bulk of society celebrates Valentine’s Day: chocolate. And man, did I celebrate. I still feel a little sick from inhaling last night’s Toblerone. …And about 6 chocolate hearts. …And that giant cookie.


Anyway! Moving on. About a week ago, some Halo fan site leaked images of the new Defiant map pack. Recently, Bungie confirmed this, setting its release date in March. The pack will feature two new multiplayer maps and one for firefight. If you’d like to see its awesome and cheesy promotional video, click here. It’s pretty exciting!


So why did I mention Valentine’s Day? Because there’s more! Yesterday, Valve released a cute little Valentine’s Day video that you can view by clicking here. It’s purpose was to announce that Portal 2 can now be pre-ordered! Yay! However, I don’t think I will be participating due to its release date falling very close to my birthday. I’ll let my family do the pre-ordering.


So there are two very exciting excitements to look forward to and have little nerd moments about. I’ve already begun fantasizing about their epic entry into my living room.


P.S. The picture at the top is a killer pumpkin. It has absolutely no relevance to this post.

Video Game Crushes

Hey, it’s Valentine’s Day, so you know what that means! A whole day filled with lonely longing for a “be mine,” jealously watching that pretty blond get that stupid, cheesy-looking Valentine’s Day card from that super-hot guy, and holding your own, personal pity-party killing aliens in front of your TV (this works so much better than ice cream).


Okay, Valentine’s Day isn’t that bad. I’ve pretty much accepted by now that I just haven’t met the right guy. Today, I feel confident that I won’t get too annoyed over seeing someone obviously less attractive than me spend this special day with her gorgeous boyfriend.



Ahem, anyway, I thought Valentine’s Day might be a good day to discuss everyone’s video game crushes. I searched the Internets to find out who most gamers view as the top 10 hottest video game characters. After clicking on a page that lead me immediately to scantily clad digital women, I figured that I’d start over with the word “guy” in the search bar. Sorry guys, I’m not interested in turning this into a post with nothing but eye candy for men. You know how video game women are; even in the dead of winter, they’ll wear nothing but a bikini, no sweat (literally, hehe). Video game developers seem to think that a girl’s skin is more insulated than a polar bear with central heating.


Anyway, I visited blogs, forums, articles, and videos, even enduring a couple of those poorly made youtube AMVs, to discover the Internet’s view of the top 10 hottest video game guys.

10. Number 10 is the mysterious Auron from Final Fantasy. Actually, I have no idea if he is mysterious or not, because I’ve never played FF for more than half an hour. I just don’t like the fighting style. Also, I’m a fan of awesome video game plot lines, but when it takes up most of the time, I have a problem. I’ve seen this guy around, though, and I’ve always thought he looks cool and mysterious. I have to hand it to this series; they really know how to attract the female crowd. Anyway, if you’re a fan of Final Fantasy, you’re in luck, because there will be a lot more of it coming up.



9. Next up is the good-looking Balthier–also from Final Fantasy. If this were my list, I would place him higher out of these ten, but whatever. The people have spoken. I don’t like his shoes, though. They make him look like a 15th century jester. And what’s he doing with his hand? Is his finger broken or is he beckoning the viewer to come closer? Kind of weird… And don’t even get me started on his tight pants.


8. Now that’s hot. Looks like the Internet actually has good taste for once. This is Leon Kennedy from Resident Evil, which I also haven’t played. I like the little emo hair look he’s got going there. I dig guys with emo hair (not to be confused with actual emos; I just like the hair).



7. Coming in way too high on this list at number 7, we have Tidus from Final Fantasy (yes, again). No, he’s not gay. And… That’s all I wanted to say about him (not a big fan).




6. This is Snake from Metal Gear Solid–yet another game I haven’t played. Hmm, I should start playing some of these games if they’ve got such hot guys. Snake always reminded me of Sam Fisher from Splinter Cell, so I’ve grown to have a deep respect for the Metal Gear Solid series. That’s on my list of things to play on a rainy day.




5. Yet again, another Final Fantasy character. This one is Sephiroth, the evil villain dude who does dastardly deeds. Every girl falls for the bad boy, so it’s not that surprising that an antagonist would make the list. What I can’t understand is the reason our number 5 looks like he’s never heard of Super Cuts! I mean, I like guys with long hair, but dang! He’s like a freaking male Rapunzel!


4. This handsome young man is Squall from, you guessed it, Final Fantasy. Check out that awesome gun sword! Does it shoot blades? Or does he have to pull the trigger to swing it? I don’t know, I’m not a Final Fantasy person.




3. Now this is an attractive person. I’ve always had a crush on the characters with the white hair (except for Sephiroth; the only thing more ridiculous than the length of his hair is the length of his sword). I don’t know what it is about it, but I love that white hair. Plus, it’s an emo cut! Yay!

Anyway, the awesome white hair belongs to Dante from Devil May Cry and guess what? I haven’t played it. Now that I’ve seen this white-haired wonder, maybe I’ll pick it up.



2. Since there seems to be so many Final Fantasy fans, of course Cloud would make the list. From his golden spikes to his chiseled abs, this is one hot cartoon. One sad thing about him, though: I heard he never smiles. Aww, cheer up, Cloud! You’re good-looking, and all the girls love you!




1. I am glad that the character in first place is deserving of such a title. Now, the hero of Hyrule can happily roam the roads of Castle Town knowing that not only did he save a princess as well as the whole world, but he is also the hottest guy the video game industry has to offer. I’m sure Zelda’s pretty psyched about it, too.

In case you didn’t know, this is Link from The Legend of Zelda. And yes, I have played this one.



So there you have it: the 10 video game guys worth having a crush on, according to the Internet. Now it’s your turn to post who you think should or shouldn’t have made the list.


And in case you’re at all curious, here’s my top 5:

1. Altair from Assassin’s Creed

2. Link from The Legend of Zelda

3. Carth from Knights of the Old Republic

4. Sam Fisher from Splinter Cell

5. Pit from Super Smash Bros. (it’s the wings)


Oh yeah, there’s one more thing I wanted to add. Some Japanese guy actually married a video game character. Crushes are one thing, but that’s definitely taking it too far. For a link to the video, click here.

What is Wrong with These People?!

I never knew Facebook games were so popular! I mean, look at that! CityVille is right under Black Ops! You’re telling me that a Facebook game, that has no awesome FPS game play, no voice option for online gaming, and consists of doing the same freaking thing over and over again every single day, has more players and makes more money than Halo: Reach?! What is wrong with this world?! Play a real game, people! Argh, this makes me angry.


And that’s all I have to say about that. I’m so depressed, I’m going to go play Halo: Reach now and make it 4.5 million and 1 players. Click here for a real article about this crap.


So the other day after my film editing class, I waited for the elevator (Hey, it’s on the third floor and I carry around a laptop! I’m not taking the stairs!) next to another student from the same class. I immediately thought, aw crap, it’s going to be just the two of us on the elevator and we’re going to feel obligated to talk because we’re in the same class. And I just didn’t feel like dealing with the social pressures of talking to a stranger, no matter how cute he is. Well, after we stepped in the elevator, another student jumped in just before the door closed, and I immediately relaxed. Oh good, now no one has to talk. And then it got me thinking about how weird it was that two people in an elevator is cause for panic, but three people is perfectly fine. Strange. That’s society, I guess. Or it’s just me.


Anyway, I’m sure you’re wondering: what does this have anything to do with nerdy stuff! I thought this was supposed to be a nerd blog! Well, if you think about it, nerds are also known for their social awkwardness so… What? Not good enough? Fine, then I suppose I should reveal that my little elevator encounter was actually a cleverly disguised introduction for: Fun Facts About Video Game Elevators! Yes, that’s what this post is really about—the excitement of elevators! I’m excited, aren’t you? Okay, it’s better than it sounds, so just read on!


Elevators in video games have been used for a variety of purposes, from simply moving a character up or down to hiding loading screens. There is even a game called Elevator Action that featured this handy device. Your character collects important documents while shooting bad guys, using an elevator as transport between floors. As simple as it sounds,  I hear the game is very addicting.


Elevators made their video game debut in 1981, featured in a nice little game called Donkey Kong. This was the third platform game released and the second to have multiple levels, making Donkey Kong the most complex game of its time. Interestingly, the hero of the original Donkey Kong was actually the world’s first glimpse of Mario, who was known as only the mysterious “Jumpman” in this classic game of firsts. Donkey Kong was actually the bad guy.


I tried playing the original Donkey Kong, and I have no idea how long it took me to beat just the first level, but my point was, it took a while. It’s a frustrating game if you’re not used to the platform genre, but if you’d like to play it, click here.