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It would be more appropriate to place this into a category called “Nerdy Stuff You Can’t Buy,” but I don’t envision there being too many other posts to accompany this one.


This one guy named Jason Gayer was asked by Lucas Arts to come up with concepts for Star Wars merchandise, but not all his ideas were accepted, so he posted the creative and rather wacky rejects on his blog. And then I stumbled across it and found the rejects to be freaking awesome. Check these out:

WANT!!! I want these so bad! AHHHHRRRRGGGHHHH!!!

I would keep it as a pet dog.

Here’s another way to “blow up” the Death Star.

Stay on target…

This has got to be one of the best things ever invented!

That’s no moon… it’s my grill!

So this is how Vader built another one so fast… If the Rebels destroy the Death Star, he’ll just pop out another one!

Why freeze just Han?


Why isn’t this real?!


Even though the type of projector is outdated, I would totally still buy this.

I have one question: would they make it in adult sizes?


The picture above is a watch. It doesn’t have a TV remote, nor does it play movies. It simply tells the time. But, this digital sundial looks freaking awesome. This “traffic” design watch hails from a Japanese company called Tokyoflash that makes many more types of timepieces. They all have the futuristic, time traveler’s wristwatch style, varying in shape and time-telling technique.


I just thought these watches looked awesome. Apple and Google seem to think so, too, according to Tokyoflash’s website. The wristwatches have also been featured in the popular blockbusters Crash (2004) and Tekken (2009). Tekken was based off a video game, which means, by rule of thumb, the movie probably wasn’t very good. But oh well, the watches are cool.


Anyway, if you’d like to check them out, click here for the website. The prices may seem high at first, but considering everything that goes in to designing and manufacturing the watches, they’re actually pretty cheap. Still too pricey for my wallet, though.

I had my own little happy nerd moment when I saw this:

If you’re anything like me, you love owning some tangible geek thing from your favorite Doctor Who episode or video game character. Nerds love collectibles, it’s a fact. I have lots of nerd merchandise in my house, like a toy warthog from Halo (complete with little red guys) or the Star Trek mug I drank orange juice out of this morning.

You may have already seen some of these products on sites like, but I’m willing to risk that, because this article is just way too awesome to not post. Its 34 geek-themed products, like the one shown above, will knock your nerdy socks off (yes, I’m talking to you with the Tetris socks). So refill your paypall account and prepare to have your own little happy nerd moment when you take a look.