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The Life of a Nerd

(Ironic that Data wants his cat to lack typos when he himself cannot spell “grammatically.”)



Lately, I’ve been noticing little nerdy quirks about me that I find a bit amusing. So here are 12 of my geeky traits; feel free to leave a comment with some of yours!


1. Almost every Thursday, I think of Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy, because in the movie, Arthur Dent says, “It must be a Thursday. I could never get the hang of Thursdays.”

2. Bow ties remind me of Doctor Who.

3. I cut my sandwiches into cosine waves and then think, I guess this means the length of my bread is equal to 2 pi.

4. I have enough nerd shirts from various shows and video games to wear for two weeks straight.

5. When people tell me, “you’re late!” I secretly think, a wizard is never late (not that I think of myself as a wizard). Nor is he early. He arrives precisely when he means to. I would say it out loud, but people usually won’t get the reference.

6. Every morning, I need to drink orange juice out of my Star Trek mug (which has Spock, my nerd crush!); otherwise, I’ll be cranky the rest of the morning.

7. When I do something accidental like bump over a cup, the first thing that comes to mind is control + z!

8. The background on my cell phone is Shifty Looking Cow from Mass Effect. My message tone is the sound of a Star Trek communicator.

9. Old buildings with lots of horizontal beams remind me of Assassin’s Creed.

10. I actually say the word “click” when clicking on webpage buttons.

11. We have a pizza cutter in the shape of the Enterprise. When I do the dishes, instead of simply putting it away, I ‘fly’ it to the drawer where it’s supposed to go.

12. I write a freaking nerd blog!


Invisibility Cloak

I’ve read a lot about this thing and I’m still getting chills thinking about the very idea of an invisibility cloak. But it really is real! Really guys. Technology is quickly catching up to Harry Potter and Star Trek, as scientists have developed a cloaking device that hides something about the size of a paper clip. The ‘cloak’ is a calcite crystal that bends light around an object so that you’re seeing whatever is behind the crystal, rather than in it.


According to Gawker’s rather humorous headline: “Scientists Invent Invisibility Cloak for 1,000th Time,” this isn’t the first time something’s been rendered invisible. Apparently, scientists have used other types of crystals, a gold plate, and even something called a “carpet cloak” to make the seen unseen. This is the first time, however, that something as big as a paperclip has vanished. Other attempts have been limited to the micro level.


So instead of hiding atoms (which people can’t see anyway), now we can hide our office supplies! Pretty soon we’ll be up to stapler-size, and then just think of the office pranks we could pull! “I believe you have my stapler.” “That’s ridiculous! I don’t SEE it anywhere!”


There is a catch, though: we can still see the crystal. So when we finally do make it to full body size, we may not see a person, but we will see a giant crystal walking around, which would probably be even more conspicuous. Sorry ninjas, you’re probably going to have to wait a little bit longer to be truly invisible. While you’re waiting, I hear Lord of the Rings has a pretty good invisibility gig going on, with the one ring and all. You might have to fight Frodo, Gollum, and nine emo zombies to get in on it, but hey, good things don’t come easy.


If you’d like to learn more about the invisibility cloak, here’s a link to a video you can watch, or click here for an article and another cool video.