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The Life of a Nerd

(Ironic that Data wants his cat to lack typos when he himself cannot spell “grammatically.”)



Lately, I’ve been noticing little nerdy quirks about me that I find a bit amusing. So here are 12 of my geeky traits; feel free to leave a comment with some of yours!


1. Almost every Thursday, I think of Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy, because in the movie, Arthur Dent says, “It must be a Thursday. I could never get the hang of Thursdays.”

2. Bow ties remind me of Doctor Who.

3. I cut my sandwiches into cosine waves and then think, I guess this means the length of my bread is equal to 2 pi.

4. I have enough nerd shirts from various shows and video games to wear for two weeks straight.

5. When people tell me, “you’re late!” I secretly think, a wizard is never late (not that I think of myself as a wizard). Nor is he early. He arrives precisely when he means to. I would say it out loud, but people usually won’t get the reference.

6. Every morning, I need to drink orange juice out of my Star Trek mug (which has Spock, my nerd crush!); otherwise, I’ll be cranky the rest of the morning.

7. When I do something accidental like bump over a cup, the first thing that comes to mind is control + z!

8. The background on my cell phone is Shifty Looking Cow from Mass Effect. My message tone is the sound of a Star Trek communicator.

9. Old buildings with lots of horizontal beams remind me of Assassin’s Creed.

10. I actually say the word “click” when clicking on webpage buttons.

11. We have a pizza cutter in the shape of the Enterprise. When I do the dishes, instead of simply putting it away, I ‘fly’ it to the drawer where it’s supposed to go.

12. I write a freaking nerd blog!


The Doctor is In


Doctor who? Why, Doctor Who! Well, okay, the new season doesn’t start until this spring, but I’m pumped about this year’s series! If you’re a long-time watcher, then you know that BBC doesn’t seem to satisfy our craving for more than one episode every 3-4 months, but this season, there will be 7 episodes this spring, and 6 episodes in the fall. Too much of the Doctor? I think not! We have to make up for all the Doctor Who we’ve missed over the last couple seasons.


Sick of waiting for the snow to melt? Here’s a link to the trailer: http://www.bbc.co.uk/doctorwho/dw/videos/p00cyvpy.


If you simply cannot wait until spring, here’s a little something about Daleks, my favorite characters in the series.

The Daleks were invented by the brilliant Terry Nation, a famous film script writer. The Nazis were his inspiration for the creation of the Daleks, which makes sense, as their organizational structure and drive to “exterminate” other races are similar to that of the Nazis. The Daleks debuted in the third episode of the first season, released in 1963, making the Daleks 48 years old. Click here for a video of the first Dalek appearance.


The Daleks hail from the planet Skaro. Under their mechanical shells lie Kaleds, a race of aliens that became immobilized through mutation, rendering them capable of only operating the controls inside their robot suits (Notice that if you rearrange the letters in “Kaled,” you get “Dalek”!). So if they can’t move, how did the Kaleds build their high-tech wheelchairs? The Kaled scientist Davros foresaw the mutation of his race by noticing all the radiation and chemical poisoning leaking onto his people. He devised the garbage can-looking transportation devices and saved his race, only to destroy it again by removing the emotions of compassion and pity from every Kaled. Now, the Daleks are on a never-ending mission to rid the universe of all non-Daleks. I bet now you’re wondering, so why are they your favorite species?! If you see a picture of them, you’d know why. One of their arms is a plunger. Also, I find their battle cry, “Exterminate!!!” kind of cute.

A Bit About My Mother

So I was talking to my mom the other day, and our conversation went something like this:

Me: “I’ve decided what I want my birthday cake to be!” (Even though my birthday isn’t for another couple months.)

Mom: “Oh..?”

Me: “I want it to look like the cake from Portal!”

Mom: “Oh, that’s perfect! The cake is a lie!”

Me: “N- no, I really do want the cake..”

Mom: “I’ll be happy to make it for you!” *Laughs evilly* (Is this what it’s like to have GlaDOS for a mother?)

And it was that instant when I realized: my mom is a nerd. Okay, maybe not a full-fledged, game-playing, comic book-reading geek, but she knows enough to threaten my birthday cake, which is kind of scary. I guess you could say she’s toe-testing the waters of nerdism. My dad, brother and I are all uber-nerds, so I suppose it would be difficult to live in a household full of Doctor Who references and Star Trek quotes and not be a nerd yourself. Well, whatever the case, I’m just happy I have a mother who catches the reference when I say: “So long and thanks for all the fish.”

I had my own little happy nerd moment when I saw this: http://www.hongkiat.com/blog/awesome-products-geeks-will-love/

If you’re anything like me, you love owning some tangible geek thing from your favorite Doctor Who episode or video game character. Nerds love collectibles, it’s a fact. I have lots of nerd merchandise in my house, like a toy warthog from Halo (complete with little red guys) or the Star Trek mug I drank orange juice out of this morning.

You may have already seen some of these products on sites like thinkgeek.com, but I’m willing to risk that, because this article is just way too awesome to not post. Its 34 geek-themed products, like the one shown above, will knock your nerdy socks off (yes, I’m talking to you with the Tetris socks). So refill your paypall account and prepare to have your own little happy nerd moment when you take a look.