Most of us could agree that the Internet is composed of the worst breed of humanity all gathered into one giant community of face palms. If you ever forget this fact, one conversation with a fellow Internet dweller will refresh your memory. Of course, you yourself are the only decent and mature person in this unending ocean of 13-year-old trolls, so why continue to immerse in this scum of society?


For things like this: that make the Internet worth browsing.


This Tone Matrix is a synthesizer that can never sound bad. It is the pinnacle of human potential! Well, okay, that may be going too far, but still, this thing is awesome and you should try it out. I probably sat at my computer for an hour just messing with it the first time I was introduced to this glorious creation. Now we can finally put faith in humanity and know that maybe, just maybe, the Internet isn’t completely void of decent people like yourself.


Look! I made Tetris!